Laboratory Information System Medap-LIS®

Why Medap-LIS?

  • In production use for more than 20 years.
  • More than 100 installations, broad base of customers and users.
  • Connects to analytic devices from most of world´s manufacturers.
    (Tested with about 300 different models.)
  • Heavy duty programmable terminals for manual data input.
  • Can be adapted to use in any European language.

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Operator´s workplace

LIS advantages

Cut down processing times.

Reduce errors and loss of information.

Shorten testing times.

Automate data flow to and from external systems.

Data aggregation and analysis options.

Medap-TL has started in 1993

Our experience

Medap-LIS® has started in the first half of 1990s and evolved through half a dozen major rewrites and platform changes. Modern system is based on PostgreSQL and Python.

Medap-LIS® has been installed in more than 100 laboratories in Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

Medap-LIS Terminal


Medap-LIS® Terminal – Medap-TL – is a programmable device that can be used for manual data input instead of PC. Stock programs include blood cell counting, urine sediment microscopy etc.

Medap-TL is suitable for use in aggressive environments.